How to order 如何訂購

方法很簡單, 只需四個步驟 ❤
1. 產品名稱 ,  訂購數量 ,  您的姓名和地址
2. 我會e-mail答覆你, 多少工作天, 確切的價格和郵費
3. 銀行轉賬或Paypal
4. 郵寄產品
直接到 e-shop 購買或
電郵電郵至 , 我會儘快你!
►‭ ‬香港銀行入數付款 – HSBC (preferable)
►‭ ‬購買後您將收到要求付款通知,PayPal以信用卡付款, 過程簡單方便!
即使沒有 PayPal 帳號也可以使用信用卡付款,無須登記PayPal帳號


►‭ ‬香港免郵費(平郵) 
►‭ ‬海外郵費(空郵)
主要按貨品總重量計算 , 掛號 USD2 / HKD 15

支援以下送貨地區 香港 | 台灣 | 澳門 | 馬來西亞
| 日本 | 澳洲 | 英國 | 美國 | 法國 | 加拿大 | 其他 |
從訂購至收貨預計大概14日。實際時間會因應送貨的情況你的位置可能有出入,僅作參考。 普通件是不包括簽數及追查。 

It is easy to order in 4 steps ❤

1. listed the product name, quantity, your name and address
2. I will confirm the delivery day, product and postage amount (if not included)
3. Bank-in the amount
4. Post the products to you
Visit e-shop directly or
e-mail: now! I will answer you shortly.

►‭ ‬Bank in ‬–‭ ‬HSBC ‭(‬preferable‭)‬
►‭ ‬PayPal payment
Registered post USD 2 / HKD 15
After‭ ‬purchase‭, ‬you will‭ ‬receive‭ ‬the payment request from PayPal‭. ‬

You can use it without a PayPal‭ ‬account‭.‬

►‭ ‬Hong Kong postage
►‭ ‬Shipping fee is based on the Total Weight
Postage rate calculator

Supported Regions:
HK | ‬ Taiwan‭ | ‬ Macau‭ | Malaysia
| Japan‭ | ‬ Australia‭ | UK‭ | USA‭ | France‭ | ‬Canda‭ | ‬Others

14‭ ‬days needed‭ ‬from order to‭ ‬deliver‭, it depends on your location. ‬This is for reference only‭,‬‭ ‬as there is some unforeseen issues‭ ‬may‭ ‬affect the‭ ‬delivery‭ ‬time‭.‬

Returns, Exchanges and Cancels 
►‭ I am sorry that because of the human resourcing issue, orders cannot be changed or canceled. 
►‭ I will only accept an exchange due to a defective item. Any problems, please contact us within one week of delivery.  Please note that we can not accept an exchange after one week of delivery. 
►‭ I can not accept returns or exchanges of items once you have worn or used.     ‭ ‬
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